• NBA 2K16

    The best basketball game for Android!





  • Basketball at its finest!

    Most authentic NBA Experience on Android!

    NBA 2K16 really amazed me when I get my hands on it, unfortunately, you don't usually get so high quality game on mobile.


    Detailed graphics, real-like players, flexible gameplay and much more takes ordinary mobile basketball game to next level.

    Trust me, you want to download NBA 2K16 apk as soon as possible and start playing it if you ever played basketball!


    Whenever you like NBA or basketball at all, 2K16 is the game you will enjoy a lot to play, even on older devices(Galaxy S7, LG G3, Xperia Z3...) it runs smoothly.


    Original sound system is clear and acoustic, delivering very realistic voices just like you hear in a live NBA match in attendance.

    Please note: sound quality highly depends on device speakers system, generally stereo speakers will have better sounds compared to mono.



    Career mode is as deep as it comes! With all modern players and rich player customization you can easily get your dream team ready to make your dream shots!

    Each player has his own signature move and toolset, enabling unique gameplay and MORE JOY.

    Stunning Graphics

    Detailed, realistic and enhanced visuals and graphics gives NBA 2K16 charm to play

    Easy Touch Controls

    Never miss a shot again because of bad controls, 2K16 has very simple but powerful controls, simple to control players and match

    Online and Offline Gameplay

    Along with MyCareer mode, training mode and single player, there is also Online Multiplayer mode that lets you play with real players in real-time.

  • Want to see live action?

    Take a look at the gameplay!